Student thought

I asked the students from the Faculty of Engineering in Hunedoara to tell us some impressions experienced during the days spent at the Technical University of Moldova, Chisinau, part of the inter-institutional collaboration project.


,,I chose to do something different, to take advantage of an opportunity that don’t always come across and to go to a different city to see the world more deeply and in a different way. I love new places, new people, new experiences and all of these have led me to step out of my comfort zone and try something that could benefit me indirectly or directly for a short or long period of time. At the beginning I had no expectations, I let myself be guided by my feelings which told me that for better or for worse I would still get something. I was thinking about how it could be, what I will learn from this experience, how I will leave and how I will return home, how I will ask some questions to which I will find answers. It was a unique experience for me in which I met wonderful people, with a good mood, from whom I learned something, I learned how ,,man sanctifies the place” and that we are also responsible for our wellbeing.

The best example I can say was when we went to the various companies during the day, sometimes I was annoyed because of the outside heat, but people welcomed us so kindly, being willing to stay and explain the production processes or things on which I did not understand. I respected and listened to them for the work they were doing. There were a few companies where it was clear that the employee was just an employee, there was no passion and desire for development. They made me think better if I want to be part of the category of people who like what they do and want to grow personally and professionally by taking advantage of opportunities, or if I want to fit into that group of people where I am just an employee without passion.

What I liked the most was that I had multiple opportunities where I could learn various things in the field of engineering that I only had vague information about or only theories about, and to be honest theory does not really match practice. We have seen from the most complex technical processes to the simplest, from how electricity is made and what is its role in our lives, to the production of beer that needs engineering technology to be within standards or parameters. I also really liked the fact that I was able to make friends with some people who are open to socializing, open to sharing things about themselves, showing us their wonderful places like Rose Valley or Morilor Valley, spending quality time together. As improvements that can be made I can say that it could be on the one hand the material part where we include an air-conditioned bus, and on the other hand on the spiritual side I think it would be good for the group to be about the same age and willing to learn new stuff. I also want to point out that although we didn’t all have the same vibe, I personally learned something from each one that will definitely help me in the future.

Our coordinator was Mrs. Popa Mihaela, with an inexhaustible spirit of energy and wellbeing, always with a smile on her face and attentive to the students’ needs. We did various activities together, it helped us to understand our other colleagues whom we didn’t know before. We visited the city, we walked, we played, we talked about aspects of our lives that made us get closer and resonate with her. For all this and more I want to thank her. I mention that we students appreciate that she help and support us in getting out of our comfort zone and encourage us to take care of our personal and professional development.

In conclusion, I liked Chisinau because of what I saw, learned and for the friendships I made with some people. This experience from a student’s point of view is worth trying and I will definitely gain from it. Thank you!!”

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