Student thought

I asked the students from the Faculty of Engineering in Hunedoara to tell us some impressions experienced during the days spent at the Technical University of Moldova, Chisinau, part of the inter-institutional collaboration project.

„In a constantly changing universe, education remains the lighthouse that illuminates our journey towards progress and understanding.
This is the main reason why I decided to take part in this beautiful experience, also another reason would be the fact that through this opportunity I had the chance to see again my friend whom I met when he was in the exchange of experience in Hunedoara, but also to be able to visit a wonderful city.

At the moment I prepared my luggage for departure, I was already starting to have emotions and I was wondering what it would be like. But with all that I didn’t want to think about anything, I wanted to let the magic of the unknown surprise me in the most interesting way. That’s how it was, at first the road was a long one, but still it wasn’t as tiring as I expected. I played social games, listened to music, interacted with new people, so time seemed to fly, and when I arrived at the accommodation, everything seemed normal, like an ordinary day at the dormitory. The days spent there passed very quickly, despite the fact that I got tired of the heat during the visits, I managed to cope and kept my energy to visit different beautiful places in Chisinau.
Another thing that I enjoyed the most was that I was able to fulfill a dream that I had been hoping to do for a long time, which was paragliding, which I achieved thanks to a wonderful friend who managed to make this dream come true. At the same time, I really liked the fact that the teacher always gave me a dose of energy just by the simple fact that I always saw her with a smile on her face and ready for a new day, a new adventure. I am very motivated by the state of the people around me, that’s why this fact triggered a positive state in me. And in this way I want to thank her.
The city of Chisinau impressed me a lot by the fact that it has many green areas, something rare for a city, which I really liked. Combining nature with man’s creations is the most beautiful art, and this city owns it.
On the other hand, for the future experience, I would like to propose in the program intended for students, 2 days for 2 activities chosen by mutual agreement, so they will be able to combine the pleasure of socializing with learning.

As for the accommodation, I found it satisfactory because there were good conditions for the dormitory, the meal was delicious thanks to the ladies from the canteen, the transport conditions were fine, quite comfortable and the drivers were understanding. I can only say to the teacher that I am very grateful for giving me the chance to have this wonderful experience and making my days better with the mood he exudes in every moment. I thank my colleagues that they were a fairly united group, that I had the opportunity to get to know them better and made new friends.”

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