Student thought

I asked the students from the Faculty of Engineering in Hunedoara to tell us some impressions experienced during the days spent at the Technical University of Moldova, Chisinau, part of the inter-institutional collaboration project.


„When life gives you opportunities, you must take advantage of them with confidence without hesitation.
Choosing to follow one of the principles that guide my life, I set off together with 14 colleagues whom I didn’t know at the time and with our coordinator Mrs. Popa (,,the professor”) in an adventure that would leave its mark more or less on each of us.
The moment I chose to be part of this experience I did it with an open mind, full of enthusiasm, the desire to experience and learn new things, without too many expectations, preferring to let life, place and people surprise me.

As part of this cultural-professional exchange in which we took part, we had the opportunity to experience during the two weeks we spent in Chisinau through the daily professional visits organized by the host institution: the Technical University of Moldova, Faculty of Electrical and Energy Engineering.

The first visit was in the educational institution where we had the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the students’ study environment where I was pleasantly surprised by the equipment that equips the laboratory rooms, equipment that consists, among others, of photovoltaic panels, turbines, solar control panels that gives students the chance to be fully prepared at the end of their university programm.

The following professional visits took place in enterprises and companies active in fields such as electrical and energy, thermoelectric and metrology, which gave us the opportunity to see the practical applicability of theoretical notions.

At the same time, we had the opportunity to meet emphatic people, willing to present to us the culture and the environment in which they live both during professional visits and during visits to museums, the numerous ,,parks-forests with lakes” (as I like to call them) from Chisinau as well as the various tourist attractions that captivated us with their beauty and story.

In other words, I had a complete experience without regrets, full of surprises and new experiences such as: staying at the dormitory, serving the meal at the canteen of the host institution, the daily trip with the trolley in an attempt to reach the proposed objectives for visiting, the 299,615 thousand steps traveled (the equivalent of 213.92 km) in these two weeks, as well as the contact with wonderful people, who helped create memories that will last a lifetime.”

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