Student thought

I asked the students from the Faculty of Engineering in Hunedoara to tell us some impressions experienced during the days spent at the Technical University of Moldova, Chisinau, part of the inter-institutional collaboration project.


„I begin with the fact that that I am GRATEFUL!
For what? Because I was chosen to take part in this experience, for the teacher, Popa Mihaela, without whom this experience would have been different, a person with whom I could approach any subject with confidence, for the involvement of the teachers from Chisinau who answered all my questions, for the exchange of experience itself and the list goes on.

I chose to take part in this project out of curiosity, out of a desire to learn things, out of a thirst to accumulate new knowledge, to see other cultures, to be able to interact with the work field, with employees, to see the structure of education there.
The Hunedoara-Chisinau-Hunedoara transport conditions were good, except for the professionalism shown by one of the drivers. The transport in Chisinau, from one institution to another, was good, and the drivers created a pleasant atmosphere for us during the entire journey.
Regarding the accommodation, even if I had to clean, I thought the conditions were good and especially the bed, on which I rested very well.
As for the food on offer, it was good, I’m glad it was a varied menu, because I had the opportunity to try new things that in my everyday life I wouldn’t have tried or at least didn’t think about they.
My expectations from this experience were to come back with something new, so I left with a significant amount of knowledge that I will definitely use in the future.

I was captivated by the visit to the National Metrology Institute, from the warm welcome to the presentation of the company’s activities. I was impressed by the involvement and concern of the manager to work with quality people or the support for free access to a teacher to give English language courses for employees who do not know it or do not master it so well.
As for the schedule, since there are so many places to visit and they have a specific schedule, I wish I had a free day during the week to visit. I cannot fail to mention the day I visited Old Orhei where I felt so good, being fascinated by history and the work of those who came before us.
I want to thank everyone for this opportunity, it was an experience from which I acquired many good things, I became much more motivated to achieve my goals and the desire to return to be active in the field.”

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