Synergies in Academia: Cultivating Alliances, Embracing Interculturality and Promoting Sustainability

Between 20.05.2024 – 24.05.2024 the Department for International Relations of Politehnica University Timisoara organizes the 2nd edition of the Erasmus+ International Staff Week.

Academic staff from the Universities of: Mauritius, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Republic of Moldova, Poland, Egypt, Morocco, Germany, Albania, Lithuania, Serbia, Croatia, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Ukraine were present.

Dedicated to both administrative staff and teaching staff members, the International Staff Week was designed to be a dynamic event for valuable discussions, insights, and collaborative efforts that contribute to global education. It aims to explore stress management strategies, underscoring their relevance in the academic realm, and emphasizes the importance of interculturality, recognizing its significance in fostering a globalized academic community. Moreover, the event explores the challenges faced by both coordinators and international students, offering insights and solutions to ensure their academic success. A focal point of the week’s agenda was the exchange of best practices within the Erasmus+ programme, aiming to optimize its impact on international academic collaboration.

The presentation of the partners was genuine, full of enthusiasm and good cheer by bringing a snaks from the country of origin.

Workshops on Stress Management&Leadership, Interculturality, E*UDRES, International Student’s Challenges and Erasmus+ Partner Country’s Management were also held.The event program offered recreational activities under the guidance of professional guides.

The participants visited a part of the University Campus, the Counseling Career Center and participated in professional meetings with teaching staff representatives.

Participants were invited to Recas Winery for a unique experience in a fairytale setting.
Also, the trip from Hunedoara included in the program a visit to the Corvin Castle, a visit to the Faculty of Engineering and a practical self-knowledge workshop in order to manage stress.

Congratulations to all participants, collaborators and organizers for the success of the event!!!

Dhurata – ,,A big “Thank You” for the amaizing staff of Timisoara university. Best wishes for all of you and the members of our group. Every thing will be in our memory as an exselent experience for our professional and social life.
Our network must be active in the future for another activities and collaborations.
Best regards!”

Ljubica – ,,Greetings to everyone from the team from Bosnia. Thank you for the nice company and the unforgettable experience. I hope to see you again and to continue our acquaintance. You are all welcome to Bosnia.”

Berta – ,,Greetings from Albania!
After an amazing week with all of you, we invite you to collaborate further with the University of Elbasan „Aleksandër Xhuvani”, and also to visit Albania, which is a beautiful country.
Best wishes!”

Shaban – ,,Dear All,
Thank you so much for such an inspirational week and the fruitful discussions!
All the best!”

David – ,,Thank you all guys, to the staff members and to the other participants! It was an amazing week. Best wishes!”

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