New year’s resolution

The life of each of us revolves around a purpose. It is proven that choosing a goal transforms us, shapes us, changes us. This way we will look at and understand each experience and challenge
through the filters of our personality. We will see the world and everything around us through the ,,window” of acquired interests and prejudices.

Lifestyle is what we do to fulfill our purpose. Some of us, the most socially oriented, those full of energy, determination and courage to overcome daily challenges, fulfill their purpose in a beneficial and constructive way.

According to Victor Frankl’s view described in the book Man’s Search for the Meaning of Life, we are the only ones responsible for giving meaning to our lives. As we explore, the next task is to expand our field of vision so that we realize our full potential.

It’s May and we’re still listening to the plans students made at the start of 2024.
Let’s listen to Cristian Andrei…

,,I proposed that this year, my change would be based on everything I managed to assimilate in the course of my life. I listened to different opinions and heard certain discussions in which I was not always the subject and I was able to dissect certain information and analyze myself in detail. Last year I hit reality overnight and started to notice a lot of flaws that now I can only fix having as an ally a friend that I started to understand a little while ago, I call him ,,Time”.

My presence in this faculty is because of a change and this I can say is only the beginning. I am aware that all these things should have been taken into account sooner and I should have let my childhood go much earlier and learned to become the man I want to present to my family, my girlfriend, my friends and be proud to show off in world. I decided that this year I would listen more and talk less, enjoy more what I have because I noticed that we young people complain too often and we like dramas, but besides certain needs and shortcomings I notice that those in my vicinity, including me, have the bad habit of exaggerating unnecessarily.

I set out to develop my knowledge of the Orthodox Christian religion because I recently learned that having faith means a principle in itself. I set out to regain the mood and joy I had 2 years ago when I was still sleeping in my slippers, I was much more cheerful and detached from the bad things in my life. On another note, I started the year with a pretty big change from my point of view, I mean quitting smoking after about 11 years. A habit that destroyed my health, my budget and recently my confidence. I plan to do even more sport once I recover from the latest fracture as I have always campaigned for sport in general.

I aim to try to get a scholarship, although I have 7 years of „break” to catch up. I found that I could handle it and got to work as much as I could to balance school and work. I seriously thought about doing a medium and low voltage electrician course this year, because it’s an advantage to know a new job and I recently graduated from another course. With the beginning of the year many things took color due to the thought that I simply made plans and I know that I will stick to them.

Last year everything I set out to do turned out pretty much the way I wanted it to. I developed a new desire for work and understood that without certain sacrifices it is not possible. I want to believe that everything that bothers me now about me and whatever regrets I have now, this year will end. All this is based on the principle of honesty. If we can’t be honest with ourselves, we can’t see our faults and problems due to carelessness and arrogance. Even worse, we cannot keep quality people around us and form long-lasting human relationships.”

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