New year’s resolution

The life of each of us revolves around a purpose. It is proven that choosing a goal transforms us, shapes us, changes us. This way we will look at and understand each experience and challenge
through the filters of our personality. We will see the world and everything around us through the ,,window” of acquired interests and prejudices.

Lifestyle is what we do to fulfill our purpose. Some of us, the most socially oriented, those full of energy, determination and courage to overcome daily challenges, fulfill their purpose in a beneficial and constructive way.

According to Victor Frankl’s view described in the book Man’s Search for the Meaning of Life, we are the only ones responsible for giving meaning to our lives. As we explore, the next task is to expand our field of vision so that we realize our full potential.

It’s May and we’re still listening to the plans students made at the start of 2024.
Let’s listen to Robert Alexandru…

,,With the new year on the horizon, I reflect on a year full of challenges and successes, a year that marked me not only through the high roads of aviation, but also through the exciting days spent in the fitness room.
Despite the extremely busy schedule in aviation, I often find myself faced with the dilemma of time, and the gym becomes a victim of this constant struggle. However, aviation itself turned into outdoor training. The moment a pilot takes off in a glider requires a coordinated effort and considerable physical strength on the part of the ground crew. Pulling cables, pushing gliders and other tasks require a brisk pace, keeping me in shape even at those times when the gym becomes inaccessible.

My passion for aviation started at a young age and the discipline gained during my gym sessions became a cornerstone in my journey. I have learned that significant achievements do not come easily and cannot be achieved without sustained effort and constant dedication. Like building muscle mass in the gym, I realized that a career in aviation requires patience, confidence and time. Just like you can’t become a pilot overnight, your body doesn’t miraculously transform itself into athletic shape in a short amount of time.

Early education in the gym gives me not only a way to maintain my physique, but also an insight into the value of hard work and time invested in achieving my goals. Whether it’s building muscle or becoming a seasoned pilot, I understand that success is a journey, not a destination. Through these disciplines incorporated into my routine, I have found the balance between my passion for sports and aviation.
As I look ahead, with the new year looming on the horizon, I feel ready for the new challenges and opportunities it brings. With my principles anchored in the gym and the blue sky, I am determined to build a new year full of achievements and developments both as a pilot and as a dedicated follower of a healthy lifestyle.”

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