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Cristina – „A Story from the Garden of My Heart”.

In my universe full of green, sun and passion for tomatoes, 2021 was an exceptional year. I like to think that nothing compares to the aroma and taste of a fresh tomato, so together with my husband, we decided to turn this passion into an unforgettable experience.

How we started – In the spring of 2021, together with my husband, we began to carefully collect all kinds of tomato seeds. With the help of my mother, I turned these seeds into seedlings, preparing them for their adventure in our garden. Each seedling was a small promise of the delicious taste and vivid colors that were soon to delight us.

Planting and daily care – A piece of land near our house became our green canvas. At the right time, with the help of our family and our friend, Bogdan, we planted more than 200 tomatoes. Every plant received our attention, and the whole garden was strewn with living promises of fruit.

Thrills and Obstacles – With every rain, with every ray of sunshine, and with every threat of hail, I had great emotions. The fear of losing the fruit of our labor has always been present. However, with the support of family and friends, I overcame every obstacle. Bogdan was always by our side, helping us to stake, plant and water each plant.

The Taste of Success – Watching each tomato grow and ripen was an uplifting experience. The taste of the first tomato picked from our garden was a sweet reward for all our efforts. With each different variety of tomato, I discovered a new dimension of colors, flavors and textures.

Growing tomatoes wasn’t just a summer activity; it was a journey full of passion and dedication. Every drop of sweat, every care given to the plants contributed to the creation of a corner of heaven in our garden. The story of our tomatoes is essentially a story of love, patience and joy, and how these simple ingredients can turn a passion into a memorable success.”

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