Student searching for success

,,We all make choices, but in the end, choices build us” Shannon Alder

,,Student searching for succes” has as its preamble….I challenge you to write a material in word that also contains photos about an achievement in a field of life: free time, school, volunteering or workplace. What did you actually achieve? What was the reason for the desire? What happened after that? What impact did the achievement have on the other aspects of your life (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimension?) And to write honestly and simply….in 1st person…. Use your creativity, your courage, your energy and you will receive rewards commensurate with your effort.
Valentin has another success story….

,,It all started when I graduated from high school, I finished the baccalaureate session and for personal reasons I had to get a job. During the interview at a multinational factory, the HR lady saw me as young and inexperienced and for a moment thought I was not suitable for the assembly operator position. I, being eager to work and prove that I am fit for this job asked the lady to give me this chance. I was given the chance with the mention that if I think I am not suitable for this job I will report to the HR Department within 2 months and my employment contract will be terminated. After the theoretical training period for the job I applied for, we arrived at the production line where all our new colleagues were awaited by the team leader, who also gave us practical training. From the first moment I saw the work process, the passion with which the team leader exercised his job, I told myself that one day I would become a team leader. For one and a half years I worked and gave myself 100% to the job and learned to do other things that did not belong to my job. The team leader saw this and put me forward to the higher ups to advance to the assistant line manager position, but once again I faced an obstacle, that obstacle being the lack of trust from a shift manager who didn’t think I had the skills to coordinate and supervise a team. One of my essential qualities is ambition, so I became more ambitious and motivated to prove that I can. I submitted my resume for the assistant team leader position, I was selected for the interview and landed the position.

After I was promoted to assistant team leader, I worked alongside my colleagues and proved once again that if you want something more, it is possible. A year later the shift leader proposed me for the position of team leader. History repeats itself, I ran into the same obstacle, namely people’s lack of trust in me. This time the lack of confidence came from the production manager whom I convinced following a professional discussion I attended. I submitted my resume and was selected for the interview for the position of team leader, I was promoted and worked for about 5 years.

This experience helped me evolve mentally, I learn to communicate more diplomatically, I learn to listen to the people around me, I understand people’s problems and help them when needed, I give the necessary support and I learned that you have to give a minimum of trust to people.

At the moment I consider that ambition and motivation led me to have this experience, but at the same time the desire to evolve, the support of certain people helped me. The work done over the years has led to a personal evolution.”

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