Student thought

I asked the students from the Faculty of Engineering in Hunedoara to tell us some impressions experienced during the days spent at the Technical University of Moldova, Chisinau, part of the inter-institutional collaboration project.


„The reason why I chose to participate in this experience is to develop myself through a much more in-depth knowledge of the possibilities that a student has in his choice when he finishes his studies and not only and especially how he can capitalize his teachings throughout his college years.

With pleasure, I realized that my expectations were in line with this project in which each student understands and realizes the importance of the study they do during these years and the impact it has on the development of the society in which we live, but also on a personal level. I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism of the coordinators who participated in this project, they were all involved in making us understand the importance of this experience. For us students it is an opportunity to clarify about the field in which we have chosen to learn, practice and then working.
As improvements, I would just like to suggest that within the visiting program there should also be one or two days of practicing courses or laboratories in the field chosen by teachers and students where they can carry out small projects or studies in this regard.
I for one am fully satisfied, I understood the importance and values of my study in the path I will choose going forward. The horizons and values that this experience opens up to you are an achievement on both sides of both the student and the coordinators who are involved in this project.
In conclusion, I would like to thank everyone involved for their dedication and professional involvement in the development of this POPA MIHAELA project from the HUNEDOARA FACULTY OF ENGINEERING but also from the REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA, Mr. MARCEL, Mr. CAZAC VADIM, Mr. ROTARY IULIAN etc. I was also satisfied with the conditions that were offered, from transport, clean and decent accommodation, provided meals – varied and always fresh. In a word – Congratulations!”

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