Student thought

I asked the students from the Faculty of Engineering in Hunedoara to tell us some impressions experienced during the days spent at the Technical University of Moldova, Chisinau, part of the inter-institutional collaboration project.


,,The reason why I chose to come on this trip was the curiosity to visit a new country and meet new people and places. I had no expectations, I wanted to be surprised, that’s why I didn’t look for pictures or information about the city I was in, and I’m really glad I didn’t because I was very impressed.
What I liked the most is that there are so many parks in Chisinau and everything is so green and full of life and people are very happy and relaxed.

At the companies we visited, they all welcomed us with open arms and answered our every curiosity without getting angry or judging us, they had the patience to explain in a way that everyone could understand what their field of work entails.
In this experience exchange program nothing should be improved, instead another season should be chosen to travel because it was very hot and because of the heatwave you couldn’t stay outside very much, only in the morning and in the evening, because of this you couldn’t really visit other things that are not related to the program.

Through this experience, I had the opportunity to meet new people, to make new friends.
The transport conditions were ok, the driver very nice and funny. The accommodation was very ok, I didn’t expect that considering I stayed in a student dorm, but we had everything we needed and I mean they were very comfortable mattresses, I really managed to rest . The food is very good, and the ladies at the canteen are very nice and always with smiles on their faces.
The teacher, Popa Mihaela, was very helpful, always full of life, she gave you extra energy just when you looked at her, she really tried to have an exceptional exchange of experience, and if we had any problems she tried to solve them, you shouldn’t have prayed to her.

The professors, from the Technical University of Moldova, were very helpful, funny and even tried to learn something from this exchange of experience.”

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