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The dream holliday

Nicoleta Mădălina…..
,,My dream holliday takes me far away, to a corner of the world where I can connect with the natural beauty and authentic culture of a fascinating country. I choose to go to New Zealand, a destination that represents a perfect symbiosis between spectacular landscapes and authentic traditions.
In the first part of my dream holliday, I’m heading to New Zealand’s North Island. I arrive in Auckland, a vibrant city where I enjoy the mix of modernity and history. I discover the lively streets, the authentic restaurants and the local markets full of color and delicious smells.
From here, I depart to Rotorua, a fascinating place to experience authentic Maori culture. I participate in traditional ceremonies, learn about the customs and beliefs of this people and enjoy tasty traditional food. In addition, I admire the Pohutu geyser, one of the largest in the world, erupting spectacularly in the middle of a thermal reserve.

I continue my adventure to Tongariro National Park where I venture along the famous trails of Mt Ngauruhoe and Mt Ruapehu. As I climb the peaks, I am rewarded with extraordinary views of the volcanic landscapes and glacial lakes that surround the mountains.
The next stop is in the Nelson region, where I discover the Abel Tasman National Park. Here I relax on golden beaches, kayak on crystal clear waters and explore hiking trails, admiring the region’s lush landscapes.
After adventures in the North Island, I head to the South Island, which welcomes me with enchanting landscapes and amazing biodiversity. I arrive in Fjordland National Park, where I sail through the spectacular canyons of Milford Sound and Doubtful Sound, admire swirling waterfalls and encounter flora and fauna specific to the region.

I continue my journey to the Canterbury region where I venture into the Southern Alps. I walk the trekking routes through the Southern Alps, enjoy the impressive landscapes and even try winter sports in the famous ski resort of Queenstown.
The last stop on my dream holliday is in Christchurch, a city with a rich history and a fascinating mix of modern and traditional architecture. I spend my time visiting botanical gardens, exploring art galleries and enjoying local dishes in traditional restaurants.
My dream holliday ends with unforgettable memories, spectacular scenery and an authentic cultural experience. By choosing New Zealand as my destination, I discovered the beauty of nature in all its splendor and connected with the traditions and people of a fairytale land.”

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