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If you are a student and/or master’s student and you are interested in a professional career, the internship is the best opportunity to put the theoretical knowledge you have acquired into practice. Various companies offer paid internships, full-time, between July and September, during which you will be permanently guided by a specialist. Throughout the duration of the program you have access to real business situations, which will give you the chance to develop your organizational capacity, interpersonal communication skills and the ability to work in a team and will connect you to the targeted field.

After completing the internship, depending on the proven performance, you have the chance to be selected in training programs – a first step in the training of talented young people who will be future specialists. During the selection process for these programs, employers value candidates’ involvement in extracurricular projects, but above all enthusiasm, motivation, communication and relationship skills, practical sense in approaching tasks, perseverance, curiosity and openness to receiving feedback.

Ramona accepted the challenge of a Company and shares her experience with us.

,,I chose this internship at Arcelor Mittal because I was offered the chance to work as an intern in a metallurgical industrial enterprise, the only one locally.
By actually working on a project that I chose from a list, I was able to form an image of what the work and the objectives of the sales department within the company mean.

I quickly adapted to the given requirements (since I had help from the mentor and office colleagues) and to the work schedule, but also to the work environment. Being not used to it, unfamiliar with some notions, naturally it was a little harder for me to understand them at first, but I overcame this impediment.
I had a warm, tasty and substantial meal every day, the food being prepared in the factory canteen. We also participated in training sessions on different topics, sessions that helped us to find out information that we did not know and to form an image of some things in our everyday life, which sometimes we don’t think about (enough).

Overall, the experience was beneficial, largely due to the team I was part of and their involvement, especially Mrs. Crăciun (director of the Human Resources department), who initiated this internship program. In the limited time available, Mrs. Director took an interest in our course, being close to me and my colleagues, with information to help us in our evolution.
In conclusion, anyone who wants to try has nothing to lose. You form your own vision, different from the rumors and opinions of those around you. The most important thing is to have the will to try and take advantage of the opportunities that come.”

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