Students, graduates, career and the life flow

If you are a student and/or master’s student and you are interested in a professional career, the internship is the best opportunity to put the theoretical knowledge you have acquired into practice. Various companies offer paid internships, full-time, between July and September, during which you will be permanently guided by a specialist. Throughout the duration of the program you have access to real business situations, which will give you the chance to develop your organizational capacity, interpersonal communication skills and the ability to work in a team and will connect you to the targeted field.

After completing the internship, depending on the proven performance, you have the chance to be selected in training programs – a first step in the training of talented young people who will be future specialists. During the selection process for these programs, employers value candidates’ involvement in extracurricular projects, but above all enthusiasm, motivation, communication and relationship skills, practical sense in approaching tasks, perseverance, curiosity and openness to receiving feedback.

Natalia accepted the challenge of a Company and shares her experience with us.

,,Fourth year student, during the summer period when I had to do my professional practice, I thought of checking my messages from the virtual campus. In a message sent by Mr. Prodecan Rațiu, I learned about the internship offered by ArcelorMittal Hunedoara. With the thought of finding a job during the summer I chose to apply for this internship, I had no idea that my life would change from the point where I submitted my CV. And here I am from July 31 to September 30 2023 under the name metallurgy technician. A pompous name far from the field in which I work at the university.

I was thinking what I will do coming from electrical and computer engineering in an unknown field. Despite this, I was welcomed with open arms by the Company’s staff and I ended up working on a project entitled ,,Aim to improve profile change times”. The first reaction was: What am I looking for here and how am I going to go about it?

On the first day, I met my other colleagues, students, and the mentor who coordinated me in the realization of the project, Danciu Adrian. An extraordinary man with a lot of patience from whom I learned everything I need to know about laminor. We received the equipment, we were given labor protection and then we went to the field. For two months I worked in the rolling mill learning every day every part of the rolling process.

I participated in trainings on team building, problem solving, balance in the context of current challenges, attitude, communication and emotional intelligence, presentation skills and leadership.

Within the 2 months I received a sum of money and treated extremely nicely by everyone. The people at ArcelorMittal are extremely welcoming and kind to those around them. On the 22nd of September we had the opportunity to participate in the family day, a day dedicated to all the staff who bring their families to spend a day in company, food and concert, visit to the rolling mill and the steel mill, participation in the raffle and final gifts for everyone .

On September 26, 2023, I presented the project in front of the committee with great emotions. At the end, all students received a diploma, gifts and a letter of recommendation. The best thing is the benefit of a scholarship that I accepted. This consists in granting a sum of money from the company until the completion of studies after which, according to the contract, I will stay at least 3 years to work as an engineer. I confidently recommend to all students to apply for such professional offers, for me it was a challenge that matured me a lot because I understood what a company really means”

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